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Depression effects over 16 million Americans every year.  Whether the depression is temporary or chronic, mild or severe, treatment is available.  At Cornerstone, we offer hope for those struggling with despair.  We offer cognitive-behavior therapy (CBT) and supportive therapy to assist those struggling with depression.  For those that carry the weight of depression, hope is just a call away.  We can help!!



Fear is the most basic human emotion.  Fear also happens to be the nucleus to anxiety.  Whether the anxiety is about phobias, viruses, performance, or social interactions.....We can help!  The clinical team at Cornerstone can help you determine the root cause of any anxiety that you may be encountering.  We can also help you develop an evidence-based treatment to help your recovery from anxious thoughts and/or anxious feelings.

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Father and Daughter

Child and Adult Therapy

The counseling services that we provide is for individuals and families.  We see school-aged children and adults.  Whether the challenge is anxiety or depression, or related to stress in the family, we can help!  We have counselors that are specifically trained to work with children via play therapy.  Please contact us if we can help you and your family in any way.

Play Therapy

At Cornerstone, we have the privilege of working with children that are struggling with emotions and/or behavior.  We offer carefully selected play therapy activities to help children to explore and express their emotional world.  Children will always tell us more through what they do than they ever will through what they say.  Our children clinician's are trained in a variety of play therapy approaches and techniques.  If your child is struggling with emotions or behaviors, please call us.  We can help!

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Marriage and  Family Counseling

Struggles in relationships is the leading cause of seeking counseling services.  We have a number of specifically trained counselors to work with couples on their relationship.  We utilize Gottman methods and Emotionally-Focused Therapy approaches in our work with couples.  If you are struggling with your couple relationship, contact us.  We can help!

Adult Material Addiction

We see men and woman that struggle with adult material addiction.  The damage done to trust and intimacy in relationships is devastating.  We have seen far too many individuals that utilize adult material to substitute for real relationships.  We have even found that pre-teens have began to view adult material online routinely.  If you or someone in your family is struggling in this area, please contact us.  We can help!

Support Group Meeting



Some individuals that come to us for counseling desire to receive therapeutic prayer in addition to their professional counseling.  Therapeutic prayer is a set period of time in the counseling session where the counselor prays with the client regarding soul healing.  The goal is to heal from hurt and surrender to the work of God in your life.  We have a handful of counselors on staff that offer therapeutic prayer. 


Trauma is far more pervasive in our culture than we like to admit.  Adults and children have encountered varying traumatic events that must be dealt with effectively.  Abuse, death, sickness, moving, COVID, etc.  We can help!  An evidence-based treatment model for trauma is Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR).  Cornerstone has several counselors formally certified in EMDR.

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