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Meet the Staff

Our purpose is to provide quality comprehensive professional counseling services for individuals and families that promote healing and health for families and communities.

Kylie Bader, MSW, LMSW

Licensed Social Worker


Children/Teens                                   Behavioral Issues

Trauma/Post-Traumatic Stress        Anxiety

Depression                                          Grief/Loss

Families/Relationships                      Self-Esteem          Stress Management                           Social Skills

Foster Care/Adoption                         Behavioral Issues

Personal Statement:  I consider it a privilege to sit with each child, teen, and adult I meet as they navigate the challenges they are facing. My goal is to provide hope, healing, motivation and guidance through the use of client-centered, strengths-based, and evidence-based interventions. When desired, I also may use prayer and Biblical principles to provide encouragement and a clear foundation on which to stand in sessions. I am nationally certified in Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (TF-CBT) for children and teens 3-18. I specialized in Trauma Across the Lifespan for adults during my Master’s Program at Western Michigan University.  I look forward to meeting you and finding ways to make lasting life changes that are effective and helpful. 

EJ Bast, MA, LPC

Professional Counselor


ANXIETY                                DEPRESSION

COUPLES                              MENS ISSUES

ABUSE                                  SPIRITUAL ISSUES


Personal Statement:  Working as a therapist is my dream job! It is my mission to help people discover and develop their God-given strengths and abilities so they can  cope more effectively  with life’s challenges. Through  trauma-informed, solution focused practices, my goal is to help my clients navigate through their stormy seasons with increased grace and confidence. 

EJ 2.2.jpg
Cassie 2.2.jpg

Cassandra Bates, MA, LPC, NCC, CAADC 

Professional Counselor



ANXIETY                                ADDICTIONS        DEPRESSION                        SUBSTANCE ABUSE  GRIEF/TRAUMA                    COUPLES                  EMDR             

Personal Statement:  “Blessed is the one who perseveres under trial because, having stood the test, that person will receive the crown of life that the Lord has promised to those who love Him.”( James 1:12)  I believe that every person has experienced challenges in their lives and I feel that it is in these times of stress that we have the potential to affect the change required to resolve issues which cause personal distress.  Although the counseling process requires tremendous courage and determination, I believe that facing challenges leads to discovery of one’s own inner strength and creation of meaning.  As a counselor it is my role to assist in the process of self-discovery and to tap into inner ability through facilitating the process which allows for individuals to accept personal responsibility and take action in order to achieve resolution.

Ray Brandon, MA, MTS 

Pastoral Counselor 



Anxiety                                 Depression

Grief                                     Anger

Relationship Problems      Trauma

Personal Statement:  I believe that the counseling relationship is one of the safest places in the world to explore identity, relationships, and life struggles.  I work with couples to reengage their marital relationship and increase intimacy as they face parenting challenges.  My sessions can look like helping parents understand the influence of their role as husband, wife, dad, and mom to increase their family identity.  This can reduce negative influences on children and teens in the home.  I am experienced in helping husbands understand and compassionately support their wives with perinatal and other mood disorders.  My work with younger and older clients recovering from trauma has proven to be successful.  Some of my specialties are working with individuals who experience grief, loneliness, anger issues, obsessive-compulsive disorder, spiritual issues, anxiety, social anxiety, depression, mood disorders, and men’s issues.  My treatment modalities are theologically informed from a Christian worldview and include cognitive behavioral therapy, emotionally focused therapy the Gottman method, family systems, motivational therapy, and solution-focused therapy.
Ray pic_edited.jpg

Barry Brigham, MA, LLP, LPC 

Professional Counselor


ADHD                                              ANXIETY 



EMDR                                              FAMILY CONFLICT 

MARITAL CONFLICT                       PLAY THERAPY 

PTSD                                               SEXUAL ABUSE 




Personal Statement:  It is my belief that people need truth to be emotionally and spiritually healthy.  The Bible is the primary source of truth and directs the counseling services that I provide.  My hope is that the loving compassion of Christ is evident in my counsel, whether I am visiting with a troubled married couple or a young child who has been the victim of abuse.  The identified desire of the client is the target of the counseling sessions and my goal to help each individual, couple or family experience freedom.
Jerry 2.2.jpg

Jerry Brown, MA, LPC, NCC 

Professional Counselor


ABUSE                                       GRIEF/LOSS

ADDICTIONS                              SPIRITUALITY     

ANXIETY                                    COUPLES    

SHAME                                      TRAUMA/PTSD

DEPRESSION                            PREMARITAL/MARRIAGE


​Personal Statement: The counseling relationship begins with and focuses on addressing the client’s immediate and long-term concerns. Real, lasting change involves growth and change in our whole self—thinking, feelings, behaviors, relationships, and spirituality. But there really is hope. Jesus tells us that freedom comes by knowing the truth while we are growing in relationship with Him. It is my desire that clients experience the compassion and grace of Jesus while we pursue truth, change, growth, and freedom together.

Rob Cook, MA, LPC, CFLE, ACS 

Professional Therapist 


ANXIETY                                               DEPRESSION


ABUSE/TRAUMA                                 EMDR

PARENTING                                         RELATIONSHIPS

SPIRITUAL ISSUES                                                           

Personal Statement:  A fundamental objective of the therapeutic process is maturity.  Maturity both personally and rationally.  For me, the counseling process is viewed from a holistic and comprehensive perspective.  Holistic meaning physical, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual.  Comprehensive means we utilize a multidisciplinary partnership when appropriate, to facilitate your goals and objectives throughout the change process.

Dianna 2.3.jpg

Dianna Crawford, MSW, LMSW 

Licensed Social Worker 



CHILD/ADOLESCENT                      SOCIAL SKILLS        ANXIETY                                           DEPRESSION          CONFLICT                                         TRAUMA

RELATIONSHIPS                              FAMILY


Personal Statement:  Working as a therapist is my dream job! It is my mission to help people discover and develop their God-given strengths and abilities so they can  cope more effectively  with life’s challenges. Through  trauma-informed, solution focused practices, my goal is to help my clients navigate through their stormy seasons with increased grace and confidence. 

Hannah Cummings, MSW, LMSW 

Licensed Social Worker  


18+                                                TELETHERAPY

COUPLES                                      ANXIETY


GRIEF AND LOSS                         TRAUMA   

Personal Statement: “Perhaps this is the moment for which you have been created Esther 4:14.” My name is Hannah Cummings. I am a Clinically Licensed Social Worker. I believe that God has called me to help others going through life’s challenges as they navigate their journey towards health and healing. It is my desire to walk beside my clients as they take steps towards discovering who they are called to be, guiding them along the way. My passion is working with couples and adults. I have experience working with various populations from children to older adults in crisis, case management, and medical social work. I also have experience in forensic social work.

Lisa 2.2.jpg

Lisa DeKryger, LLPC 

Professional Counselor  



ANXIETY                              MINISTRY CONFLICTS 


FAMILY/PARENTING           COUPLES            

GRIEF/LOSS                        TRAUMA


Personal Statement:  My approach to counseling is integrative, using both counseling theories and biblical principles (when desired) together to bring about growth, healing, and positive change. Clients will be met with acceptance, genuineness, and positive regard as we look to assess their needs. Treatment will be planned according to individual needs.

Teah Doyle, MA, LPC

Professional Counselor  


ANXIETY                               PARENTING/FAMILY

TRAUMA                              ADOPTION

EMDR                                   DEPRESSION                  ADHD                                   BLENDED FAMILY ISSUES


​​Personal Statement:  I love being a counselor and find such honor in being able to walk with clients through their difficult times and battling their deepest fears. I feel strongly that Jesus has set me apart for this work. I believe in the healing power of Jesus and feel He is the author of lasting change. I believe the primary source of God’s truth is the Bible and so look to it as the authority in the services I provide. (John 17:17) My prayer is that He will work through me to help others experience healing from life’s difficulties, pursue more authentic relationships with one another and live life to its fullest. (John 10:10)  I'm a big believer in using animals in the healing process, so I do use my therapy dog in select sessions.

Teah 2.4.jpg
Diane 2.3.jpg

Diane Finch, MA, LPC, BCC

Professional Counselor  


16 & OLDER                         RELATIONSHIPS

ANXIETY                               BLENDED FAMILIES               DEPRESSION                       COLLEGE/CAREER               MARRIAGE CONFLICT         SPIRITUAL HEALTH

Personal Statement:  My name is Diane Finch and I am a Licensed Professional Counselor who has also worked as a career and life coach.  I received my education from Spring Arbor University.  As a Christian, I enter into each relationship knowing that every person is a highly valued creation of God.  My goal is to create a place that is warm, caring and safe where you can find hope and healing for yourself and your relationships.  Over the past 15 years I’ve worked with individuals and couples in helping them achieve their career and relationship goals.  I’ve done this both in ministry, working at a college, and private practice.

Diane and Dan,  Licensed Professional Counselor and Life Coach




Personal Statement:  My husband Dan and I enjoy working with couples helping them identify destructive patterns of behavior and giving them tools to promote change.  We all have a pain cycle based on how we have experienced love and safety in relationships.  These primary feelings along with negative ways of operating stay with us into adulthood unless we take the time to become aware and address these destructive patterns.  Dan and I have worked through our own marriage struggles, and now feel blessed to help others bring healing to their relationships.

Diane and Dan.jpg
Dennis 2.2.jpg

Dennis Goodrich, MA, LPC 

Professional Counselor 



Personal Statement:  My mission is to bring healing grace to real people with real problems for restoration, reconciliation and change.

Lara M. Jacobs, MA, LLPC 

Professional Counselor 



ANXIETY                                              DEPRESSION    

ANGER MANAGEMENT                      MINDFULNESS        TRAUMA                                              SOCIAL SKILLS      BEHAVIORAL ISSUES                        ADHD        GRIEF


Personal Statement:  It is my passion to work with children.  I believe every child is a gift from God and has been given personal strengths.  Along with being a child comes many challenges and many emotions.  I will be here to help guide your child in learning appropriate expression of feelings and enhance their self-esteem so they can be the best they can be.  I will incorporate a loving, Godly approach to ensure your child feels comfortable during our sessions together.

Laura 2.2.jpg

Laura Kellicut, MA, LPC 

Professional Counselor 




FAMILIES                                   TRAUMA/GRIEF

MARRIAGE                                CHILDHOOD BEHAVIOR

ANXIETY                                    EMDR  

Personal Statement:  Counseling is a personal and involved process, which is both educational and developmental. My approach is person-centered, believing that God has given each client and/or family the ability to change and grow toward a healthy and whole life. Our God is one who restores us from our brokenness. I view my role as a counselor to be an avenue through which God’s healing may come. I see all people as God’s beloved creation and therefore worthy of acceptance, compassion, and support. I view myself as this support, and try to foster a counseling environment that feels safe in order to encourage engagement in the counseling process, and ultimately growth and restoration within the client.

Debbie Pawell, MA, LLP, LPC

Professional Counselor 



ABUSE/NEGLECT                            DOMESTIC

VIOLENCE                                        ADHD                          FAMILY ISSUES                               ANGER MANAGEMENT  GRIEF/LOSS                                    ANXIETY                         PLAY THERAPY                               ATTACHMENT ISSUES  SCHOOL PROBLEM                        CHILDREN OF DIVORCE  SELF-ESTEEM                                DEPRESSION                  TRAUMA                                          PREMARITAL/MARRIAGE CHILDREN                                       PARENTING

Personal Statement:  I believe that God gives each of us gifts, and it is my desire to use the gifts God has given me to help young people in times of need. I believe that God desires us to know His tremendous love for us and I strive for my clients to know this as well. I believe in the importance of seeking out God for guidance in our lives. When we draw upon Him for strength, we can cope with struggles in life more effectively. It is my desire to provide support and guidance to children, adolescents, and adults to promote personal growth, hope, and healing. I enjoy building relationships with people by demonstrating grace and compassion while walking alongside them through difficult issues in their lives to help move them towards peace and emotional health. 

Debbie 2.2.jpg
Esteban 2.2.jpg

Esteban Rivera, MA, LPC

Professional Counselor 



EMDR                                                    TRAUMA


Personal Statement: 

I served my Country.

I served my Community.

And now, serving those who served.

Ivonne Snider, MA, LPC

Professional Counselor 




ANXIETY                                 RELATIONSHIPS



Personal Statement:  John 10:10 “ The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy. I came that they may have life and have it abundantly.”  Jesus is the giver of an abundant life regardless of the challenges that come.  It is a pleasure for me to walk alongside you as you discover the abundant life that Jesus has to offer. 

DANI 2.2.jpg

Danielle W. Standish, PHD, LP

Licensed Psychologist 










Personal Statement:  I am Dr. Danielle W. Standish. I am a fully licensed psychologist. I have over 25 years of clinical mental health experience. It is my desire to help clients gain and maintain optimal mental health. I believe in creating a safe space to explore and learn about one’s feelings, thoughts and behaviors. I use talk therapy as well as meditation, mindfulness, deep breathing and overall body awareness to help get to the root of the issues. I’m honored to help clients in their movement toward better mental wellness.

Emma Trobeck, MA, LLPC

Professional Counselor 


ANXIETY                          COLLEGE STUDENT TRANSITIONS  10 & OLDER                    COPING SKILLS/MINDFULNESS ADULT ATTACHMENT                    SPIRITUALITY           

SELF ESTEEM                               SOCIAL SKILLS         WOMEN'S ISSUES                        DEPRESSION   

Personal Statement:  My approach to counseling is person-centered, strengths-based and hope filled.  I view each person as unique with individualized care and needs that will be assessed during our time together.  I believe in the importance of integrative, holistic care and may incorporate Biblical principles and practices into our time together such as; therapeutic prayer and Bible reading, if desired.  I will seek to understand you from a social, emotional, physical, spiritual, and mental standpoint.

Emma 3.jpg
Stacey 3.jpg

Stacey Venema, MSW, LMSW

Licensed Social Worker 




ANXIETY                                                     TRAUMA

DEPRESSION                                                         MARRIAGE

Personal Statement:  My heart has always been bent towards helping others find their way through their pain. I feel God has given me a gift and has called me to be a therapist. I feel privileged to be invited into the middle of people’s darkest storms to be an anchor while they learn more about themselves and God. I focus on treating the mind, body, and soul. I believe that all 3 components impact mental health and growth in thought patterns, physical health, and relationship with God can reduce symptoms and bring healing. I also use evidenced based strategies as I find that researched methods line up with the Bible, since God is the creator of all things. I believe that the therapeutic relationship is one of the most important aspects of therapy and my hope is to provide a space where you would feel comfortable not only to cry but to laugh too. My goal is to be comforting while also being the person that will push you to do the hard work of healing and growth.

Marcy Wujkowski, MA, LLP, LPC

Professional Counselor 



ADULTS                                     TEENS                 

FAMILIES                                  MARRIAGES                DEPRESSION                            ANXIETY     


Personal Statement:  I strive to help people reach their full potential through a counseling approach that facilitates awareness and understanding of one’s thoughts, feelings and behaviors.  I focus on changing faulty belief systems, healing of emotions, and developing healthier ways of responding to life’s circumstances.  I integrate a process of applying God’s love and truth to issues of emotional, physical, and mental health for those desiring a faith perspective.  It is my hope to see people restored in their whole being and loving a life of joy and freedom!

Marcy 2.2.jpg

Front Office Staff

Amy DeGraaf

Administrative Specialist 

Volunteer work: 




Personal Statement:  "I can do all things through Him who strengthens me."  (Philippians 4:13)  Some activities I enjoy partaking in are drinking coffee, spending quality time with family, hiking, being outdoors, and meditating in Gods word.

Amy 2.9.jpg

Sue Balkema 

Personal Statement: Striving to serve individuals with love, compassion and understanding, seeking His will and guidance in every situation.  “Many are the plans in a man’s heart, but it is the Lord’s purpose that prevails.” Prov. 19:21

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