Cornerstone Christian Counseling in Kalamazoo, Michigan

Dick VanDonselaar, MA, LPC, NCC

Dick VanDonselaar

Because of my unique experiences in a Christian school as teacher, administrator, and counselor, I am able to be involved in a variety of activities involving the counseling profession. I meet with individual students and groups of students of all ages. Parents, teachers, principals, and committees ask and receive consultation with me.

I address many special concerns as discrimination and prejudice, human sexuality, academic and behavioral problems, anxiety, attention deficit, bereavement and grief, marriage and family, and stress management.  I practice under high legal, Christian, and ethical professional standards as well as use a well developed referral system.

As you enter a counseling relationship with me, you will find that we both have responsibilities to work together and develop a plan to address the issues that concern you.

One of my favorite texts is Philippians 4:13

Cornerstone Christian Counseling in Kalamazoo, Michigan